Our clinic is located in Metrotower 1 (previously known as the Roger's building) which is attached to Metrotown on the south side near the bus loop and skytrain exit.  While in the mall you will also notice "Office Towers" signs which will direct you towards the building.

The street address is 4710 Kingsway but you can access the underground parking via Central Ave if you have entered on that side.  If you're arriving via transit, once you exit your bus at the terminal or exit the skytrain you're looking for the large fountain with the dolphin statues and be sure to enter Metrotower 1 as there are three different towers. The elevators work a little different in the building; you simply enter the floor on the keypads in the lobby (21) and the system will tell you which elevator to enter and then it will take you straight up.

After Hours Access (6PM-9PM Monday to Friday and Saturdays):

If you're arriving after 6:00pm on weeknights or all day during the weekend you will need to use the buzzer system.  The buzzer is located on the right hand side of the south entrance from Central Ave or next to the P1 entrance if you're parking in the underground.

Please press "#-2-1-4-8" and a representative will buzz you in. Once you enter the parkade elevator, go to the lobby floor and you will need to switch elevators. Proceed with using the keypad near the lobby elevator to enter "21" and the screen will tell you which elevator to enter.  There aren't any buttons in the elevator but it will take you up to the floor as indicated on the display.  If the buzzer is not working please contact us directly at 604-409-4318 for immediate assistance.

There is free underground parking for up to 4 hours at the Mall on P1. Follow the signs to 'Office Towers' and 'Metrotower 1'.